Corporate Social Responsibility

From our company, we wish to acknowledge our commitment to Social Responsibility, and we have defined a reference framework to develop and promote socially responsible behavior in the countries in which we operate.

Social Responsibility allows us to coordinate the social interest of our company with that of the different stakeholders involved for the impact and the environmental footprint of our activity.

We are aware that the commitment to Social Responsibility is a key and strategic factor in the performance of our functions, as it might directly benefit all stakeholders, directing all efforts towards continuous improvement.

From our Human Resources Department, we implement it through training and development in order to improve motivation, training and potential innovation, and therefore, effectiveness and skills required for professional development. All this with a commitment to the effective equality of opportunities between men and women.

In search of continuous improvement, from Quality Management we understand and meet the needs of our clients, ensuring compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.

We promote maximum control and monitoring of all processes in order to offer a full quality service, guiding our company towards excellence and continuous improvement, by identifying opportunities for improvement and subsequently implementing action plans.

We are environmentally responsible with the resources used in our activity to establish, standardize and implement criteria and modes of action environmentally friendly. Therefore, we make our contribution by being socially responsible, with a real and tangible commitment with the people and the environment where we live, also promoting a culture of Integration of persons with disabilities into the workplace.

We are a member of the United Nations Global Compact, an international initiative whose aim is to obtain a voluntary commitment by means of implementing 10 principles based on human, labor, and environmental rights and the fight against corruption. We thus take on the commitment to integrate these principles into our strategy, culture and operations.

Finally, we insist on our corporate values, our hallmark. We believe that teamwork and our project, the people, are the most attractive and valuable asset of Salesland: It is what makes us different and confers unparalleled added value.




You can download our Non-Financial Report 2021, here.




Neutral Gender: male gender has been used as generic gender without this implying ignorance of the differences of genders that exist, in order of not doing a complex writing and reading.