Candidates privacy policy


Responsible for data management

Who is the responsible data controller?


-Tax number: B-82738675

-Postal address: C/ Rufino González, 40. 28037. Madrid

-Contact telephone: (+34) 917489080


-Data Protection Email:

SALESLAND Group Data Protection Officer:


Purpose of data processing

What is the purpose of data processing?

As a candidate, the data provided, and also those data acceded as a consequence of web sailing, shall be processed for the purpose of participating in the selection processes of the job offers at SALESLAND Group companies (identified below) that match your professional profile. That means that you will take part in the selection process for the job offer you are interested in, and depending on the interviews and tests carried out, along with organizational needs, the company might offer you a job - always in line with your professional profile, without you having to re-register for future job applications if you are not selected for the job you initially chose.

To that effect, you will be part of the data processing of SALESLAND, S.L.U. (the parent company of the Group that handles all staff selection processes for Group companies in Spain), and where necessary SALESLAND, S.L.U. will provide your data to specific Group companies that offer employment that matches your profile.

In compliance with the principle of transparency, we inform you that all questions are mandatory, and if you do not provide the requested information, SALESLAND reserves the right not to accept it.

The candidate is aware that any communication to be sent to candidates about their application or selection process, may be sent by any means (including email, SMS and WhatsApp). In addition, you can do the interview by Skype if you so wish.

SALESLAND Group guarantees that your data shall not be used for any other purposes.


Origin and type of data

How do we collect your data and what type of data do we process?

We gather data from the interested party (candidate), either by directly signing up for our job offers on the corporate website, or by applying through the different job portals on the Internet where our job offers are published.

The only types of personal data processed are the personal data provided by you when you sign up for our job offer, and in the selection process you take part in:

  • Identification data: first name and last name, national or foreigner identification number, address (postal and email), telephone number
  • Data on personal characteristics
  • Data on social circumstances
  • Data on academic background and training
  • Data on employment history
  • Data on the tests and interviews conducted


Legal basis for processing

What is the legal basis for processing your data?

The legal basis for data processing is your consent, which you give when you sign up for our job offer(s), and from the legitimate interest of the organization to take part in other selection processes of Group companies, provided that they match your professional profile.


Conservation period

How long do we retain your data?

The personal data provided by candidates seeking employment will be used for the specific selection process, and for selection processes held in the future that match your profile, unless we receive an objection from you. However, your data will be retained for a maximum period of 3 years (from the moment we receive it) and then it shall be automatically deleted, since we consider that you will either be working or your training information will have become obsolete or outdated.

If we receive a cancellation request from you within this 3-year time period, such information shall be automatically deleted, in compliance with the right being exercised by you.


Recipients of the data

Who do we share your data with?

Sharing your data

Unless we are legally obliged to with respect to this data processing, we do not share your data with any other organisations. Notwithstanding, we will share your data with the following companies of SALESLAND Group if the publish job offers that match your profile: SALESLAND MEDIACIÓN, S.L.; SALESLAND AGENTE FINANCIERO S.L.; SALESLAND ASSISTANT, S.L.; SALESLAND EMPRESA DE TRABAJO TEMPORAL, S.L. (SALESLAND JOB).

Parties with access to your data

On the other hand, the following suppliers of SALESLAND, S.L.U. require access to some of your personal data being processed by us, in order to be able to provide the service we have hired:

  • ADEVINTA SPAIN, S.L.U. (INFOJOBS) regarding to the license of use of the platform EPRESELEC including hosting and Internet application conectivity. 
  • STRATESYS TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS, S.L. (Company that provides consultory services of SAP/R3)

This providers may only access the data we have on you for the sole purpose of providing the service hired from them, under instruction from us, and they may not use such data for any other purposes.


International data transfers

Your data will not be involved in international data transfers (non-EEA countries (European Economic Area).


Data security and confidenciality

In SALESLAND there is a commitment to guarantee the security and confidentiality in the processing of your data, implementing the appropriate technical and organizational measures based on the level of risk that such treatment may derive for the rights and freedoms of the people whose data is try.

A subsequent process of regular verification, evaluation and assessment of the effectiveness of these measures is added to the implementation of the necessary security measures (continuous improvement to guarantee a safe treatment of the data).

The maximum confidentiality in the processing of personal data is considered an unavoidable obligation by the SALESLAND staff, committing ourselves to secrecy at any stage of the treatment, in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation.


Rights of the interested parties

What are your rights with respect to the processing of your data?

You have the following rights regarding your personal data:

  • The right to information
  • The right to access, rectification and deletion of your data.
  • The right to processing limitation.
  • The right to object.
  • The right to portability.

How can you exercise your rights?

To exercise any of these rights you can contact SALESLAND, S.L.U. at the following address: C / Rufino González 40. 28037. Madrid (Spain), or email: In both cases you must prove your identity with a photocopy of your National or Foreigner Identity Number, to verify that you are the person authorized to make use of any of these rights, unless you contact us through the email provided.

We would also like to inform you that you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Supervisory Authority (Spanish Agency for Data Protection (, if you consider that your data is being processed unlawfully.