Sales Force

New customers per year
Sales reps

We manage the entire sales process

Present in

Spain / Portugal / Peru / Colombia / Chile / Mexico / Ecuador / Central America

We’ll walk your customers through the whole sales process, right up to the moment they acquire your product or service.

We strive for the best buying experience for each customer. We never settle for less.

We guarantee quality sales by auditing the entire sales process.

We know that relationship with each buyer doesn’t end with the purchase of a product or service. That’s when it al begins.

We’ll sell your product wherever you want

Do you have something specific in mind? We can generate a tailor-made commercial proposal for your product or business

  • Stand Teams

    Stands in high traffic areas such as:

    - Shopping Centers
    - Retailers
    - Transport Centers...

  • Mobile Teams

    Our team does B2B sales (visiting SME’s, companies, retail and HORECA) as well as B2C (in the individual’s workplace or home), via cold calling or appointment.

  • Market Influencers

    We train, set objectives and boost performance of selected retailers to maximize the sale of third party products and services.

We are going to work hard, by your side

And we’ll be together for a long time. Over 85% of our clients have been working with us for more than 4 years.  Do you know why?


Profile segmentation

Of all customers acquired, to keep the relationship active with future communications and commercial actions.  


Incentive Programmes

Tied to meeting objectives, in order to ensure the success of the project.


KPI’s and Tracking

With the key information for decision making, provided by our online reporting tool ARACNE.



Professionals who go beyond the sale, and stay with the client throughout the entire experience, because the first impact is key to the success of the commercial plan.


Standardized Actions

It doesn’t matter where the sales take place or who your advisor is. The consumer’s experience will always be the same.


Profitability, the key factor

Our client’s medium and long term profitability is the reason we are here.