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Salesland has a certified in environmental management system acording to ISO 14.001:2015 law by Bureau Veritas. 

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Scoring Top 10% Best PME for Salesland Portugal in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023

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Amongst the best companies to work in Chile, in 2021 and 2022, by Computrabajo website

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Salesland México, registered as specialized agency by REPSE  

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We are Sales specialists

We offer a global service that covers every aspect of direct and indirect selling, providing added value in every sale in order to comply with our customer goals.

Sales specialists

We select and combine all our sales channels to develop a unique project with an efficient and effective impact in the client. How do we do this?


We create a winning combination in sales: our salesforce talent, our technological solutions, our recruitment knowledge and training capacities.


With a multichannel sales services supported by advanced IT tools that generates the best commercial results.


Selling our customer products in any posible scenario through our specialized and integrated sales teams. We believe in 360º approach, ensuring segmentation and project tracking through the whole sales process.


  • Increasing your sales

  • Product placement

  • Improving your profitability

  • A single interlocutor

Talent recruitment


From the start, it was clear to us that the selection and training of our staff was key to managing and standardizing an effective sale process. It is vital to us to have a team of professionals who are highly qualified in commercial techniques. Thus, all our salespeople, promoters and telemarketers are an integral part of Salesland and have been recruited and trained by our experts.


Training platform


Specialized training in sales techniques as well as in the product or service to be sold are essencial elements to get our customer goals, our goals. For this reason, we have our in-house Training Team in every country where we operate, coordinated by our Head Department from Headquarters, so as we ensure the high quality and homogeneity of all our training sessions. Therefore, our "Salesland Sales Methodology" can be implemented on every location and sales channel. 

We train our sales teams through our E-learning Platform:

  • E-elarming Platform: Campus Salesland is our digital training tool for all the countries where we operate. This is a tailor-made platform that provides a simple and intuitive user experience. Salesland Campus is easily personalized for every different sales project and is also accessible from any device. The tool allows to create game-based dynamics to boost motivation and knowledge acquisition, and provides a tracking system that keeps our clients informed about user-s status and progress.

  • Experiencial Methodology: we invite our candidates to test different situations that they will experience since their first job day. We use our own evaluation techniques and tools to let our salesforce discover their strenghts and improvement areas, all based on games.

Reporting App

This is all what get from our online reporting apps in real time:

  • Objectives and key KPI´s: Before launching any sales strategy, and in order to guarantee success, we define its objectives and KPI’s as well as the daily performance metrics to meet each business plan.

  • Product control and availability in stores: ARACNE offers online reports, via internet or mobile, to follow the impact of each action, as well as the tracking and availability of the product in stores. It also allows you to analyze the level of visibility in store and the impact of the campaign itself.

  • Improving productivity: Our tool is key to reaching high levels of productivity and maximizing efficiency ratios in each project, as it allows us to react to any unforeseen circumstance in a swift and effective way.


Controlling Dashboards


Based on the information obtained through our reporting tools, our analyst team develops knowledge that lets us manage the projects more efficiently. We represent all the information through business intelligence dashboards.

  • It lets us set specific goals and actions for every segment and sales channel.

  • It heps us to understand performance and reaction in every channel and section.

  • It helps us to design the best client experience.


Applying business intelligence, sales data are collected by our sales people letting us define working plans for our teams and improve our clientes visibility.

Salesland Job


Our recruitment and management service for every sales project we develop, completed by a consulting team for those companies that only require candidates recruitment, providing a satisfactory answer to every need.


Insurance mediation


We count on specialized team to meet the specific legal needs for the insurance industry. We are experts in designing tailor-made strategies to sell insurance products.
We have over 16 years´experience in the insurance sector, so we know how to build tailor-made sales solutions for each client. 

We have extensive experience in Customer Acquisition through:


Stands, Sales Points and Mobile teams.

Videosales and Telesales.

Multichannel leads generation.


Cross Selling activities using telesales and digital projects.


Today, leading insurance companies and banking operators consider us their main acquisition partner.



Financial brokerage


Over the past 20 years, we have specialized in the intermediation of the sale of financial products for banks and companies with credit or payment systems.

Only in Salesland can we offer a service of maximum guarantee, because we are the only agency approved by the General Directorate of Taxes through Binding Consultation.


Our experience enables us to conduct financial intermediation through different sales channels (TeleSales, Face to Face, Mobile) with independent and specialized teams in each area. We have credentials that make us unique:

We advise and provide security to our clients via the back-office processes used in the management of financial intermediation.

Our intermediation system is independent from our clients. We manage the entire internal sales process, thus guaranteeing and accrediting our independence in providing our services.

Our extensive experience enables us to provide legal support to our clients to ensure that their products are intermediated with the highest legal guarantees. We conduct a legal audit of every campaign.

We have a large portfolio of financial clients that confirms our know-how in the sector.


Financial Health

Our important financial background has promoted that international private equity firm, ACON INVESTMENTS, acquired a majority interest in Salesland Group in 2020, in order to reinforce our growht and geographic expansion strategy in Latin America, letting us offer a more wider range of services and locations to our clients.


We believe in dynamic, agile sales projects, so that one of our mail IT objectives is to make our salesforce day-to-day easier, providing them with online tools. Moreover, focused on improving productivity and efficiency rates in every commercial project, we develop digital solutions that complete face-to-face sales activity, following the last market trends.